Rajmata Inter College Kanpur

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Event List

Republic Day Festival

On 26th January, we celebrate republic day every consecutive year in India, In 1950, the constitution was started by our freedom fighters. Our Students are performing acts in tribute to soldiers.

Cultural Conversations

India has a wide variety of cultures and religions. To celebrate the integrity and unity of Indian culture. Our school holds Debates and Discussions on topics related to the culture which gives the opportunity to students to represent themselves in front of the public.

Independent Day Festival

On this day we remember the great struggle for freedom and the sacrifices of our great freedom fighters. In order to remember them in our hearts, students perform various acts and activities. This act as a tribute to them.

Mother's Day Festival

"Mother is the one who is probably endowed with all the power. No creature in this Universe can be as powerful as a mother". Holding this quote in our mind our school held a drawing competition on this auspicious occasion.

Build Personality

Personality is one of the major factors in the growth of human beings. Your personality and attitude determine whether you will succeed or not. Public speaking activities, debates, declamation, and other extra-curricular activities help to enhance the personality of the child.

Annual Function

Annual Day function is organized in our school every year in order to create an atmosphere of festivity among children. On this day the whole school is cleaned and all the classrooms are decorated with colorful balloons and paper. Various acts and activities are also organized.

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